Buying The Aspire Premium Vaping Kit

If you are a smoker looking to make the change to vaping, the Aspire Premium Kit may be a good way for you to go. This premium vaping system is at the high end of the electronic cigarette market, and features some of the best advances in methods and technology so far. You can buy Aspire Premium Kit to take advantage of the best that electronic vaping has to offer.

The Aspire Premium Kit is based around the Aspire Nautiluses clearomizer line, a clear, Pyrex atomizing chamber which features adjustable air flow controls to enhance your enjoyment of the product. This not only affects the draw of the device, but controls the amount of e-liquid that is being used to produce the vapor, thus allows you to determine the richness of the vapor mix you are consuming.

The Aspire Premium Kit features the Aspire Mini Nautilus Clearomizer, one of the best regarded atomizing units on the market today.

The Aspire Premium Kit comes with a high capacity VV+ battery with adjustable voltage levels and a replaceable for longer product service. This is an important consideration, as the heating system is what determines how the vapor is created. You need a system that delivers a steady, even heat during the atomization process and does not loose heat levels when the battery charge is beginning to drop.

Unlike many vaping starter kits, the Aspire Premium Kit does not come with an e-liquid canisters. You will need to buy vaping liquid separately, either from the wide variety of flavors and styles available in the Aspire catalog or from the many suppliers of e-liquid worldwide. Thus, you are not paying for a flavor or mixture that you don’t want when you purchase your kit.

If you are new to vaping, you are likely considering the change for health reasons, and the choice of vaping liquids is an important one. Cigarette smoke contains a number of dangerous elements, including arsenic and lead, and chemicals including ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and toluene. Most of these are absorbed by the tobacco plant while from the soil it grows in, or a result of the process of burning. While the actual health effects of vaping have yet to be determined, it can be safely said that most of the known dangerous elements and compounds found cigarette smoke are not present in the custom formulated vaping liquids available on the market today. And while nicotine is found in many vaping liquid formulations, unlike with cigarettes, the precise concentration of nicotine in the vapor is clearly shown on the container. Vaping liquid is available in a number of nicotine concentrations, ranging from the levels found in most cigarettes to a much lower dosage. Many vaping liquid formulations are available with no nicotine at all.

One clear attraction of the vaping system is that it can be used in many environments where traditional cigarettes are not allowed. The effect of second hand vapor, while still being studied, has not been shown to have the same levels of detrimental effects as second hand smoke.


Vaping: The Clueless Smoker’s Guide to e-cigarette


Cigarettes have become an essential part of everyday life for smokers. Without cigarettes, smokers like dinosaurs, will automatically become extinct. With several varieties of cigarettes sold all over the world, tobacco companies are ensuring the survival of these nicotine loving creatures by continuously trying to outdo each other for domination. This paved the way to a new era of smoking called vaping with vaping liquid.

What is Vaping?

It sounds alien for some smokers out there, but vaping is short for Vaporization. Most of you are probably used to the Marlboro stick you have right now, but sad to say that’s so ten years ago. A new age has begun, and instead of smoking tobacco in cigarette sticks, you use a device called electronic cigarettes uk which is a battery- powered vaporizer. It’s quite a leap from the traditional cigarette because e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, its mechanism works by atomizing e- liquid, a liquid solution containing nicotine. E-cigarettes don’t produce tobacco smoke, but rather vapor.

How to choose my e-cigarette?

Amazingly, e-cigarettes like smart phones come in a variety of style and sizes. If you became fascinated with black generic looking phones with detachable batteries, then, you might be comfortable with the first-generation e-cigarettes. They look exactly similar to traditional cigarette so it’s commonly called “cigalikes”. It has standard features of an e-cigarette like a cartomizer which process e-liquids and of course, a charger. However, if you feel an expert before trying something, the second generation e-cigarette is the one for you. Like iPhones, second generation cigarettes have additional features like larger sizes and built-in batteries with adjustable power adjustments, which enable the device to be used while charging. But, for people who always carry an extra phone battery, the third generation of e-cigarette is made exactly for you. It has a more improved feature like a multiple battery storage for bigger batteries which allows larger tanks to hold e-liquids. If you’re an e-liquid connoisseur, this device is also perfect because its hardware is designed to improve flavors.

How come I have never heard of this?

It’s either you are a non-smoker or you live in Asia. E-cigarettes became available in the market in 2005 and has seen a major boost of sales ever since. In the United Sates, UK and France, the product has become a sensation with users who are convinced that this new method would lessen the risk of negative side effects. However, this craze over e-cigarette has not completely taken over Asia. China, despite being the major manufacturer of e-cigarettes has not jumped onto the bandwagon yet. This is also true for countries like Hongkong, Thailand and Indonesia, which have laws on nicotine restriction. Marketing and sales of the product are readily available on the internet. So, if you feel left out, don’t be. You have all the time to catch up.

Is it safer than traditional cigarettes?

No one really knows. E-cigarettes don’t produce tobacco smoke so they are supposed to be safe. Some proponents of this belief suggest that e-cigarettes can be a safer and healthier method for smokers and can also help people quit smoking. However, these studies don’t have concrete findings and will still require years of additional research. Many still believe that the nicotine you get from the vapor will still give the same effect as normal cigarettes.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular and e-cigarettes may be the next iphone6. With e-cigarettes, you can be free of the big bold letters printed in your traditional cigarette box that reads, WARNING: TOBACCO SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH. Smoking or vaping? It’s definitely your choice.

The 4 Fascinating Parts of an Electronic Cigarette


Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to smoke and get their nicotine fix without the dangers and common negative side effects of tobacco.

In an electronic cigarette, tobacco is substituted by a mixture liquid nicotine and food flavorings. The nicotine present may be adjusted and can be added in moderation (doses range from 0mg to 24mg). It may even contain no nicotine at all – it really depends upon the preferences of the user. Without the tobacco, and the subsequent burning of it when smoking, there is no smoke emitted. Instead of smoke, an odorless and clean vapor is released.

An electronic cigarette is powered by reusable batteries. Along with its other components, it gives the user an experience much like when they are smoking without many of the actual dangers related to smoking tobacco.

What are these components that make up the electronic cigarette?

  1. Battery.This is the life of your electronic cigarette. It is the main and most important part. There is a sensor inside of the battery, which is activated when the user begins to inhale or when a button is pressed. This is commonly known as the smart chip microprocessor and it is what signals the battery to turn on. A charge is also sent to the cartridge, which contains the atomizer. Make sure to fully charge your battery first before using your electronic cigarette.
  2. Atomizer.This is what is in charge vaporizing the e-liquid within your electronic cigarette. It also creates the vapor that is emitted and that you inhale. It is activated when it receives a signal from the battery. This part is built into the cartridge and they are disposable since they usually do not last for a long time. Changing your atomizer regularly allows you to obtain the best vapor you can possibly get for a more enjoyable experience.
  3. Aluminum shell. As the name suggests, this is the shell of your electronic cigarette. It is the striking exterior of the product. It is supposed to be durable and resilient since it protects the whole device. This aluminum shell is what makes the electronic cigarette nice to look at, and comfortable to use and hold.
  4. Electronic Cigarette Cartridge. It is also simply known as cartridges or carts. This part is disposable and they usually come prefilled with e-liquid. The atomizers are built within this part. The cartridge is screwed into one side of the battery. The other portion of the cartridge is the secure, silicon mouthpiece that you puff on.

Aside from these parts, which compose your electronic cigarette, there is another essential component that you need to remember.

  • Charger. Electronic cigarette users have various charging options. Depending on the brand and quality of the device you bought, you would be able to recharge the battery of your device virtually anywhere. You could charge it via its USB charger – you could plug in into a laptop, a computer desktop or your tablet. You may also use a vehicle adapter – this works together with a USB charger. It allows you to charge your batteries via the power outlet in your car. Another option is to use a wall charger. A portable wall charger allows you to connect to a USB charger then plug it into any wall outlet available. Lastly, you can make use of a personal charging case. Your batteries are being held in this case and at the same time being charged – it does not need a separate power source.

Knowing the parts of an electronic cigarettes uk is as important as knowing its side effects and benefits. Knowing how it works will ensure that you will be able to use it properly. When you are able to use it properly, you will then have a more pleasurable e-smoking experience!

Surprising and Fascinating Facts about E-Liquids


e-liquids_2Are you curious what that liquid is inside your e-cigarette? You probably know that it is called an e-cigarette liquid but do you know what is made of? There might also be some other facts about e-liquids which you perhaps do not know yet, so keep reading. It is important to keep yourself informed after all.

What is an e-liquid?

The liquid present in the cartridge of your e-cigarette is called an e-liquid.  It usually has three main parts. First, it needs an agent which produces the vapor. Next, it also needs nicotine (although this is not always present in all e-cigarettes). And lastly, it also makes use of flavorings which adds a certain tang to your e-cigarette. Aside from the nicotine, all of these parts are considered as safe to use in other food products.

Two kinds of agents can also be used in order to create the vapor (smoke-looking like substance) emitted by your e-cigarette. These are the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin liquids. Propylene glycol liquid, usually just known as PG, is the most common agent. Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is normally used by individuals who are allergic to PG.

A majority of e-cigarettes usually make use of PG as its base. It mostly produces fewer vapors and usually tastes sweeter. Vegetable glycerin yields more vapor, but it is not as sweet as PG based e-cigarettes. Sometimes, both types of bases are mixed with each other. This is because VG Is thicker than PG and it is usually mixed together to make VG more soluble. Or VG is mixed with PG to make it more consistent.

Does it taste like the real deal?

Yes, e-liquids come in different flavors, but sadly, it does not taste like a real cigarette. While some manufacturers of e-liquids try to mimic the taste of traditional cigarettes (e.g. Marlboro), they are not able to completely impersonate its taste. Why is that so? That is because no combustion occurs in an e-cigarette.

Are they safe?

As mentioned, all of the liquid bases used in making e-liquids are also used as food additives. In fact, they are even used in different pharmaceutical creations. The leading liquid base used in e-liquids are propylene glycol. Starting from the 1950s, this liquid base has actually been used in nebulizers and asthma inhalers. Additionally, due to its abilities to retain water, it is usually the chosen compound for supplying atomized medication. Propylene glycol is also recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a substance which is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

Generally, e-liquid solution contents really vary, but they still have some similarities. These mutual aspects include the flavorings and water present in a vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol base. Nicotine is also commonly present in the solutions which are intended to be a nicotine replacement. Also, propylene glycol base and vegetable glycerin liquids are also used as carriers to deliver the nicotine to the user.  However, e-cigarette smokers can also opt to purchase electronic cigarettes without any nicotine present in the e-liquid.

More and more people are turning to e liquid uk with free delivery nowadays as a way to help them quit their tobacco habits or simply just as an alternative to what they are used to. However, before making the decision to switch, from one to the other, make sure that you are fully informed first. While e-cigarettes does not necessarily contain nicotine anymore, there are still various chemicals and substances present in the e-liquid. Be aware of what they are and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them. Ask your doctor for advice.

Health Conscious Smokers – Start Using E-Cigarette


What is this one? What the relation? Does it have something to do about a habit? Do you have any idea about it? Do you know its pros and cons? How it is being used? Is there anything about it? How it was being used? There are thousands of questions we could ask about certain things in relation with vaping so what is really vaping? Vaping is created for the smokers or let us see the old smokers. This is to make them enjoy their smoking habit and reducing their nicotine intake, which means less risk to be. But vaping is an opposite into smoking. How does being opposed. Smoking is taking much nicotine in to human’s consumption. Vaping in contrast is regulating the nicotine intake of a person which means less possibility cutting the risk in half.  It sounds awesome.  But what is vaping really? How to make it?

Nature about Vaping!

Vaping is a battery operated atomizer. This is to simulate your experience in smoking.  In means of battery operated this does not mean that it assures us our safety. But it is as well, it makes you enjoy smoking without worrying too much. Vaping is a good start of your smoking habit. The contents of vaping are not that harmful to be taken with much care. Always remember the main objectives of vaping it is to make those adult smokers to have a continuing enjoyment of their habit, smoking. But always be mindful that no matter even small amount of nicotine it contains, but it is still harmful to us. Much more when it would be abused.

A good start of Smoking habit!

If you are an adult smoker and want to stop your smoking habit or you know someone who needs help. Well e-cigarettes uk would help you really in changing the lifestyle that you wanted to be. Vaping is a good turning point if you want to be freed in the current situation. Being addictive in nicotine is not a good into our body. A nicotine is a mineral that when abused could lead into problems in our lungs or our respiratory system. Thus, we must have this habit be continuously be monitored so that by the end of the day we could eliminate it.  It is a good start not for a smoking habit rather it is a starting point of reducing the smoking habit it could.

So vaping should not be associated with the starting a smoking habit rather it should be a stepping-stone on it. Vaping may sound good but it also entails some dangerous things in our life. Also bear in mind that a vaping is a battery operated one. We must think the possible problems a battery operated device could give us a problem. Problems of having the toxicities in our system, vaping modifications do not assure us 100% of safety. Remember safety is our biggest treasure so better be mindful and vigilant into to it.  Well that’s vaping.